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A music studio co-working environment that fosters community, creativity, and collaboration.

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Welcome to The Art House

Cultivating Creative Community

Art House Studios is a place where creative people work and grow together. It's a space for community, creativity, and collaboration. We encourage, equip, and inspire music producers to create their best work, and believe we can help each other find fulfillment, meaning, and connection while working side by side.


Interaction sparks creativity

There's plenty of room for collaboration right in the control space. It offers endless possibilities for tracking and overdubs, and ties into our tracking rooms. It features a vocal booth, amp cabinet, and outstanding gear, and is available to members to co-work in for free on non tracking days, and at our insanely discounted "in house producer rate" for recording sessions. 


Invite the band

Bring your most trusted musicians in to fully utilize the tracking room and record a drum kit,  strings, single vocal/ instrument overdub, and more. 


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Space that works for you

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