Our Legacy

In 1990, Charlie Peacock, his wife Andi, and their two kids moved from Yuba City, California to Nashville, Tennessee. The home in which they settled, a former Methodist church built in 1910, would become ground zero for countless careers, artists, and records. Switchfoot cut their teeth (and their first three records) here, The Civil Wars made both of their brooding masterpieces here, and through the decades of creativity, something sacred was cultivated. 

Charlie and Andi called this place The Art House, and with purpose and intentionality they continued to grow the space and the vision for which it stood. Art House America came from this, with the goal of "cultivating creative community for the common good.” Through the time and effort put in here, lives were changed.

Early in 2015, Charlie founded the Contemporary Music program at Lipscomb University, and lured further into town by the new possibilities, The Art House was put on the market. The offer first went out to The Art House family, and Brad Reeves, owner of Art House Dallas made the generous decision to purchase the property. Nathan Tasker, a musician and artist with a keen sense for community, was invited in as director, and talks of the future for the building began. One thing was certain - too much magic had been made here to not continue the legacy of music making.

Under the guidance of Richie Biggs (who first worked at The Art House on Switchfoot’s New Way To Be Human in 1996, and has worked on nearly all the records made here since), with  Brad’s continued support, the work of the Taskers and Ciel Eckard-Lee, the studio was overhauled and work began to create a state-of-the art recording workflow in the storied space. In the fall of 2016, ready for a new era, Art House Studios was reborn. 

And now, still as vibrant a place as ever, we look to continue the story of shaping lives through the creation of good music.



Studio Highlights

1990 - Charlie & family move to Nashville

1991 - Construction completed on the initial studio building

1991 - Art House America founded

1991 - Charlie pens the Amy Grant hit Every Heartbeat

1991 - Out of the Grey's self-titled debut album recorded

1994 - Out of the Grey's Diamond Days recorded

1996 - Re:Think records founded by Charlie

1996 - Sarah Masen's self-titled album recorded

1997 - Switchfoot's New Way To Be Human released

1998 - Sarah Masen's Carry Us Through released

1999 - Switchfoot's New Way to Be Human released

2000 - Switchfoot's Learning to Breathe released, earns Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album

2003 - Audio Adrenaline's Worldwide released, earns Grammy for Best Rock Gospel Album

2004 - Sarah Groves The Other Side of Something release 

2011 - The Civil Wars record Barton Hollow, earns Grammy awards for Best Folk Album and Best Country/Duo Group Performance.

2013 - The Civil War's self-titled album released, earns Grammy for for Best Country Duo/Group Performance

2015 - purchased by Brad Reeves

2016 - complete overhaul and renovation